Prices & Policies
Kittens are ready to go to their new homes at approximately
3 months.  They will have their first two to three vaccinations
depending on their age when they leave.  All vaccinations
are given by our vet along with a check up to confirm their
health.  Kittens sold as pets will need to  be spayed/neutered
at 6 to 9 months of age.  At that time the registration paper
will be sent upon receiving information from your confirming

If for any reason the purchaser cannot keep the kitten/cat,
the seller has the first right of refusal.  If the seller cannot
take the kitten back, we will make every effort to help find a
home for the cat/kitten.  NO REFUND should be expected.

A cat / kitten WILL NOT BE DECLAWED.

They do not meet the very high cat fanciers standard for competing in a
show.  Prices start at $1200

We may at any time reserve a kitten to determine if it is show/breed
quality.  That kitten may or may not become available as a pet at a later

We reserve the right to refuse the placement of any kitten/cat at
any time.


Show prices START at $1800  We will only sell exceptional kittens.  They
will be a good representation of the breed.  We cannot guarantee the
show success of the kitten as show successes are dependent on outside
factors including, but not limited to competition, grooming, condition,
health and maturity.  Kittens change so much as they mature that it is
impossible for us to determine what a kitten will look like as an adult.

Show with breeding rights

Prices for show/breed kittens start at $2200.  Only the very exceptional
kittens are sold for breeding.  The final decision of quality will always be
left up to the buyer.  Contact us for prices.


We require a $300 deposit to hold a kitten/cat until it is mature enough to
go to it's new home.  Deposits are NOT refundable except under extreme
circumstances, and at the breeders discretion.


The price for adults varies for each cat depending on age, etc.  The usual
price is around 1/2 or less than the cost of a kitten.