Our Girls

All photos by Preston Smith cannot be
copied or reproduced without his written permission.

Tufts’N Ruff KiKi
Sire: QGC ColorofCat Dr. Pepper
Dam:  QCH Tufts’N Ruff Lucy
d.o.b. March 11, 2017

Brown tabby

KiKi is one of the sweetest girls you can imagine.  She is the Granddaughter of our own Yahoo and is a wonderful Mom.  She carries on our lines from many years of our breeding careers and with the addition of Dr. Pepper’s wonderful personality, she is the best of the best.

Ray du Soleil Quenna of
Tufts’N Ruff
Sire: Shedoros Xantos
Dam:  Ray du Soleil Cleo
d.o.b. December 13, 2018

Silver mctabby

Quenna brings us the beautiful silver that we haven’t had for a good number of
years.  She is a beautiful example of the breed, lovely boning, great type and a
sweet, sweet personality.  I’m very excited to see what she will do as she matures.  
Maya, thank you so much for entrusting this special girl to us.  We really love her.

Tribalcats Carrie of
Tufts’N Ruff
Sire: Dolce Bestiya Uragan
Dam:  Tribalcats Suki
d.o.b. November 10, 2018

Brown Tabby

Carrie is a beautiful female with great type.  She brings a beautiful classic pattern, great
ears and a beautiful open expression.
Add to that a wonderful, funny, goofy and sweet personality.  Valerie, thank you for the
sweetest girl.  She is lovely and very much loved.

DZCOONZ Bella of Tufts’N Ruff

Sire: Tufts’N Ruff Galazy-of-the-Stars of DZCOONZ
Dam:  Prairiebaby Heavensent of DZCOONZ

d.o.b. June 16, 2019

Brown Tabby and white

Bella, what can you say about this girl?  She is the sweetest, friendliest girl you can
imagine.  She is the perfect combination of her parents. Deb, thank you from the
bottom of our hearts for this lovely girl from Galaxy’s last stand.  She is everything
we could want. 

Tufts’N Ruff Holly
Sire: Ray du Solei Maximos of Tufts’N Ruff
Dam:   Tufts’N Ruff KiKI
d.o.b. December 25, 2019

Brown tabby with white

Holly was born Christmas morning and a wonderful gift she is.  She is
too young to become a Momma, but one day she will give us some
sweet babies.  Just look at the beautiful ears and furnishings on this girl.

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